"Show me the man you honor; I know by that symptom, better than by any other, what kind of man you yourself are. For you show me there what your ideal of manhood is; what kind of man you long inexpressibly to be." Thomas Carlyle


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Debrah said...

NY women have evolved into a higher species from Slate.

Podhoretz tweeted that this suck-up writer is probably jockeying for a job at the Times.


It reads that way.

Debrah said...

On the line from Tablet.

"Al-Qaida cell phones confirmed Pakistani complicity in the hiding of Osama Bin Laden. That country’s military and intelligence patronage of terrorism requires the United States to take a harder line there."

Anonymous said...

hi diva. a lovely blog.
greetings from the uk on twitter!

Debrah said...

8 ways exercise makes you gorgeous

Thanks Katy!

Debrah said...

The Best and Worst Countries To Do Business from The Daily Beast

Debrah said...

Such a logical one from Jeff Jacoby.

Marriage cannot be redefined.

"The old laws banning interracial marriage had a long run but they eventually collapsed. The new laws in New York and some other states authorizing same-sex marriage may be destined for a long run as well, but I suspect they too will likely eventually collapse. Marriage — male-female marriage — is indispensable to human welfare. That is why it has existed in virtually every known human society. And why it cannot be permanently redefined."

Jacoby may very well be right.

The grotesque procrustean-ization of the appellation "marriage" might be a mere fad in order for gays to cop some dignity and will collapse from its own superfluousness.

Who knows?

But one thing's for sure, constant use of the landmark case Loving v. Virginia as an analogy is ridiculous and most people have begun to acknowledge that fact.

leisurelylawyer said...

The Daily Beast article of best and worst countries for business comes as no surprise.
Great slides.
But we're still propping up third world markets that are of no benefit, but of great harm.

Debrah said...

Such a busy week and weekend.....selling my car and then buying a new one.

What an exasperating and irritating exercise.

This one today from Maureen hits the spot.

When a Predator Collides With a Fabricator

Some will try a predictably stale and totally inane comparison with the Duke lacrosse case.

The African maid has been discredited; however, there's still this thing about DSK's DNA.

"The upright-looking [prosecutor] Vance is not like the scoundrel prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse case. He did not ignore evidence that was contrary to the case prosecutors were trying to build. It just took several weeks, after they tried to deny DSK bail and after they indicted him, to do a thorough investigation."

" 'Until today, it was white versus black, rich versus poor, man versus woman, Jew versus Muslim,' said Elaine Sciolino, a Times correspondent in France and the author of 'La Seduction,' ...."

When a habitual predator faces off against a habitual liar, the liar will most likely lose, even if it is the rare case when she is telling the truth."

A case like this one couldn't be further from the long-over Lacrosse Hoax.

Debrah said...

A Citizen's Required Reading for July 4th: The Declaration of Independence

Panacea said...

Happy 4th!

Debrah said...

The Twitter Zone from Maureen.

A really good one.

She correlates the modern social media with Rod Serling's "Twilight Zone" and draws conclusions I had not entertained before.


Hi Panacea!

Happy belated Fourth of July to you.

Debrah said...

Erotic Vagrancy, Anyone? from Maureen.

So true.

Debrah said...


Incredibly elaborate photography machine from Laughing Squid.

Anonymous said...

Dropping by to say hello and hope you're enjoying your summer, as I also hope we can avoid a serious drought.
When you find the time, think about doing a serious issues blog, Debrah. It would be a hit.


Debrah said...

Fatty Feasts Are Driven By Automatic Pilot from the NY Times.

Debrah said...

Hi Patrick--

What a surprise. Haven't seen you in quite some time.

Hope you're having a great summer, and yes, it's excruciatingly dry. The high temps came much earlier this year than usual.

About blogging.....everyone seems to be slacking off lately.

Suppose it's the season.

I do intend to structure a website more centered on commentary later on when I have more time.

I've put it off for so long!

Right now I'm far too busy to devote that amount of time to it. It's so much easier and more fun to visit other interesting websites and leave an opinion or two.

So good to see you. I hope to follow through on your suggestion at some subsequent time.

Debrah said...

Such bizarre double standards.

Good thing it's not GWB. The media would be in a frenzy!

Kathleen Parker's column Obama's Not-Quite-True Story explains.

Janny Scott's exposé in the Times did an excellent job of uncovering Obama's falsehood.

Debrah said...

From Gallipoli to Singapore from Maureen.

Not taking it easy on dear Rupert.

"Rupert Murdoch’s tabloids pandered to the lowest common denominator, but, in the end, his sleazy henchmen were lower than the people they pandered to. People had a limit, as it turned out. Citizen Murdoch was brought low, his grip loosened and his myth deflated, by the power of social opprobrium."

Debrah said...

The Half-Trillion Plan from Krauthammer.

What Will Rupert Think? from Christopher Hitchens.

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